Removing the Roof, October 2016

Removing the roof started in three stages. First myself and my friend Patrick spent a number of weekends cleaning and clearing out everything inside the cabin and putting them into storage. Once this was complete we were ready to lift the roof. This itself was a two stage process as there was a protection cage-like superstructure as the roof firstly, and then the cabin itself to take out. The jury was out as to whether the cabin would lift in one piece but thankfully that was the case. As of the start of December 2016 the middle section of the barge is cleaned out and ready for the new superstructure to be built in place. As the front section of the barge, which is cut down, is 30 feet long, and the engine room section is still intact at the back, this leaves a living space of almost 20×14 ft in the middle, where the aim is for a double bedroom, an en-suite bathroom, and a kitchen flowing into a living area. There are more photos which I hope to upload in the coming days from the lift and the clearing out of the barge, ready for a new roof and lease of life.


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